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Artwork by Lita Judge
& Elva Hamerstrom Paulson

We're trying to keep up with the worm.... the greatest recycler of all!

* We print our products on 100% recycled paper.
* We pick up boxes and packing materials from local stores.


Elva Hamerstrom Paulson and Lita Judge are the daughter and granddaughter of naturalist, Ornithologist and Writer, Frances Hamerstrom. Like their predecessor, the mother and daughter artist share a heritage of pride in their knowledge of natural history and a not-overly-sentimental commitment to preservation. In addition to the pen & ink scratchboard drawings found in our catalog, each artist also works independently specializing in different media.

Lita Judge's art is predominantly expressed through oil painting. She is represented by several galleries throughout the western states. Although she resides in Aromas, California, Lita travels extensively, both internationally and nationally, in order to paint from nature.

Elva Paulson works primarily in pen and ink, as well as watercolor. In addition to being an artist, Elva is also a writer. Although she holds an address in Roseburg, Oregon, Elva is often away from home. She and her husband, Dale (an accomplished Wildlife Photographer) spend a great deal of time photographing, sketching and tracking wildlife in Yellowstone National Park and throughout the State of Oregon; and they make an extended annual visit to the Hamerstrom family home in Wisconsin.


Wildlife Designs is a cottage industry owned and managed by Allison Priestley. All of our orders, sales, shipping and inventory are personally handled from our home. We appreciated each of our customers, and we recognize your value in the success of our business. Our family will strive to provide you with the best possible service. We ask your patience as your phone calls may occasionally be answered by our two sons. Thank you!

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