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Notecard packages contain 8 cards (5.25" by 4.25") printed on quality, recycled paper, and 8 matching envelope. each notecard bears an interpretive message on the back. Packages are labeled for display on our attractive handmade notecard racks.

Individual Packs:
You may choose any one of our 12 notecard designs in the catalogue for ordering as an individual pack (1 design per package). Please specify your design selection upon ordering.

Wildlife Assortment (NWIL):
The contents of the Wildlife Assortment will vary, but will always include 8 different designs (with 8 envelopes) selected from the 12 notecard designs featured in the catalog. Orders of 24 packages or more may specify designs for inclusion.

Owl Assortment (NOWL):
Owl assortment packs include four each of our two owl notecard designs with 8 matching envelopes. Both owl designs are also available in individual packs.

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